Apr 22, 2014

Under the Sea for Earth Day

I don't really celebrate Earth Day because it comes only once a year.  Instead I try to limit my footprint every day by recycling and reusing.  And I have to give my employer credit because they have even changed from providing styrofoam cups to giving us all reusable ones (though I was already bringing my own).

This necklace today really reminds me of being under the sea with the aged Starfish from Patina Queen.  I then added a handmade beaded chain made using aquamarine stones and brass wire.  This is a necklace that I do have for sale for $39.95 so if interested please drop me a line.

And for more Under the Sea beauties be sure to stop back on Thursday for the Deep Waters blog hop.  I will have another necklace to show off then.


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