Apr 11, 2014

Year of Jewelry Project: Round Peg, Square Hole

This was really a fun week with a fun project.  Those aqua squares are glass that I picked up in a destash event.  The other beads are howlite and onyx.

I had a couple other things happen that brought smiles to my face.  The one that I am most excited about is that I have been accepted as a design for ZNet Shows.  I will be getting some sea glass from them to make up some gorgeous jewelry.  They have the best sea glass around so I am pretty hyped about this opportunity.

The other beautiful thing this week might seem kinda silly but I was able to tackle my yard and get the grass down to a reasonable level.  This is something that my fibro has prevented for the last couple years to I felt this to be a definite win.


  1. Nice dramatic design, Shai :) Can't wait to see your goodies from ZNet!

  2. Thank you :)

    I have some ideas sketched out but it really depends on what I get. I can hardly wait to see the beads.


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