Jun 27, 2014

Friday Ramblings

  • Woke up Tuesday not really feeling ready for prime time.  One of those days that you just get through.  That was until I started cleaning up my email during slow times at work.  I found out that I won  from Love My Art Jewelry blog.  I mean just look at them.  They are the perfect antidote for a blah day.

  • I was able to spend some time in the studio this last weekend and came up with a few necklaces necklaces for both the pearl hop this weekend and an upcoming blog hop using Sue Beads Chicklets.  I just adore one of the necklaces and have claimed it for my own.   

  • I found a necklace that I had made up a while ago and stashed away to take a picture of.  I hope that I am not the only person that does that. This necklace was hand-knotted and contains both freshwater pearls and amethysts.  The focal is from JKD Studio,  It is one that I have up for sale for only $54.99 so if interested, be sure to drop me a line or leave a comment letting me know.
  • Oh no.  I found out that my ex-roommate had to let her cat go.  Creature was an older cat who was a real sweetheart to certain people and apparently had a large tumor in her stomach.  I was one of the people that Creature loved and I will be missing her.
  • How can a toilet plunger just up and disappear?  I don't have kids so it's not like one of them took off with it.  And how come I am not a person that remembers it is missing until it is needed?
  • Here's some great tips to help maintain your pearl jewelry.  Just click here.  Well I told you that I have pearls on the brain. 
  • I have become addicted to Darkness Radio.  I ran across the host one night while listening to Coast to Coast and feel in love with his style.  I am still at work while the radio show is on so I listen to it in podcast every night Monday through Friday.  Great show that deals with a lot of paranormal themes.  I was rather impressed when last week I wrote with a complaint because it was uploaded one evening.  I heard back within two hours from the host explaining what happened and apologizing.
  • I just found out that my Mom and Stepdad will be coming up from Arizona for my birthday.  I haven't seen them for a few years so I am rather excited! 

  • This is the week for surprises.  I also recieved a beautiful necklace from Maria Rosa Sharrow of Willow Street Shops.  Isn't it gorgeous!


  1. Nice to hear some positive stuff happened to balance out the negative, Shai :)

  2. Congrats on winning the earrings! And fun to get the surprise necklace. I love your pearl necklace. This was a nice post. Ups and downs, just like life. :)


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