Jun 6, 2014

It's a coming!

What you may ask?  And is it really worth celebrating?  I think so.  It's the warm summer days and the sunshine!  We have actually had some awesome weather here the last couple days and I am looking forward to many more.

Now I am going to enjoy my summer here in Washington and I am hoping to indulge in at least a couple day trips.  Still haven't figured out what we are going to do on my vacation over the Fourth of July week but I know if I had unlimited funds (and a great petsitter) I would head to the beach.  Since that isn't going to be in the cards this year,  I can dream. 

Wouldn't it be so awesome to play in the sand, perhaps some volleyball, and then cool off in that beautiful water.  I think that most of the reason I would watch Lost was for the scenery.  Hmmm.  I still haven't finished that show.  Perhaps it's time for another dose.  So now that I have shared one of my dream vacations, if money and petsitters were no object, where would you like to go this summer?

Since going to a warm beach and spreading my toes in the sand just isn't in the cards, I decided to make some happy jewelry.  I mean just look at that focal from Jennifer Jangles Shop.  How can it not put a smile on your face?

This necklace was hand knotted using a cheery yellow waxed linen, turquoise howlite and onyx saucers.  It's that perfect touch of casual to wear on the beach or perhaps at your local farmer's market.  Heck, it would even be great to wear during the winter to bring the sun and cheer back into your day.   This necklace is one that I have up for sale for $64.99.  If interested, be sure to drop me a line.

Graphics are from Graphic Stock and don't forget that they are offered seven days free to check out their services!


  1. Ooooh, those pictures make me want to run away. And that's a gorgeous necklace too!
    xx Ren @ renlish.com

  2. Love this necklace! The yellow cord is gorgeous with it!!


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