Jun 2, 2014


  • It was a strange weekend. My body decided that sleeping was really overrated so I spent some time wandering about in a fog.  

  • On one hand, being sleep deprived did set my mind free to create.  I had a cool piece of yard laying on my desk and it became a pair of earrings along with copper chain and lampwork headpins from EarthShine Beads.  I haven't decided whether I am going to put this pair up for sale or whether they are going to be donated to Ears Two You.
  • I actually found some sun to take pics.  A lot were for blog hops so I can't show them yet but I will be sprinkling in some pics that I took.
  • I took the time to relax and watch some of The Voice.  Yeah, I started watching it once it was finished and I am carefully avoiding learning who the actual winner is.
  • I spent some time playing with my Good Earth Kit that I could from Andrew Thorton.  Came up with a couple designs but I can't show them off yet.  I will say that the color he choose are a dream to work with.
  • Went and picked up what we need to patch the ceiling.  That's going to be fun especially since Kharma caused me to tear something in my shoulder.  I need to make a doctor's appointment to find out what since it doesn't appear to be healing.
  • I also watched the first episode of 'America's Got Talent'.  I can't figure out why people who obviously don't have talent would go on there to embarrass themselves.


  1. love the fiber in these - great fun for summer!

  2. Hope your shoulder gets better soon. Shoulder limitation is miserable.
    These earrings are fantastic ~ great swing!


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