Jun 23, 2014

What a difference

A day can make.  The picture above was taken on Friday.  Needless to say, I was slightly worried because we were planning on holding a potluck out at Gig Harbor Overlook on Saturday.  There were hints of possible blue skies however so I had my fingers crossed and my thoughts on beautiful blue.

And the Goddess came through.  We had a beautiful sunny day.  I was actually surprised that there weren't sailboats on the water considering that there was a light breeze on the land.

Point Defiance park was as beautiful as ever.  This is definitely the year of the raccoon.  I will usually see one or two when we are there but this time I saw six.  And they all looked wonderfully healthy.  I know that a lot of people consider raccoons to be pest but I have always found them fascinating.  When we used to have rites at the park, we would always have some visiting.

Though we had a lot of visitors then.  You could tell that it was a sacred location because we even had deer attend one of the rituals.  She even posed for some pics that I am pretty sure I posted before.  The other pics are ones that I took when me and BeiJing took a little walk.  She sure makes it hard to get good pics.. sigh. 


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm glad the day turned out nice for you.


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