Jul 2, 2014

Birthday Finds

One thing about being online is the ability to sign up for all the email clubs.  A lot of time those businesses will send you coupons for free meals or discounts of their products.  One of these companies was JoAnne's who was nice enough to send me a coupon for 20%.

Now even though I am on a tight budget, I just couldn't resist especially when it was even off of sale items.  I spent a pleasant couple hours wandering about the store looking at all the different beads, chains and storage units.  Most of what I walked out with was from the sewing section even though I don't sew.

This has to be my favorite item.  I love to use waxed linen, C-lon and jewelry string but I kept them under (kinda) control in a drawer. This storage method worked but I wanted it out to where I could see the colors.  I can also hang it on the wall.  It was on sale already so I picked it up for a steal. I only regret that I didn't grab a couple since my jewelry string is still in the drawer.

I remember reading on one of my blogs (I am sorry I don't recall which one) that you can find some neat buttons what are just perfect for clasps.  This was a real eye opener because I have always pictured using buttons as well...buttons.  When you think about it, most of the time when you see buttons in jewelry there is also a 'button' hole. 

Not with these two.  I think that they will be perfect for a couple of cool bracelets.

My last find was actually in the beading section.  That was actually the section that I headed to first but I only found one item that I just couldn't leave behind.

Those are actually all individual links that I can see using with wirework or they are actually big enough to be used as the eye part of a clasp.  I can see that using some of my thicker brass wire to make some hooks will be in my future.

I am actually proud of myself that I spent less then $20 for all my goodies.  Now to use them, take pictures of my creations and actually put them in my shop for sale.

Oh yes, and the morale of the story:  Sign up for those mailing lists to companies that interest you and you might get a nice surprise for your birthday.


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