Jul 17, 2014

Good Earth Challenge Hop

It looks like this was postponed by a week and I didn't get the notice.  So if you see this post twice, that is what happened.

One of the shining stars and one of the sweetest people you will ever meet is Andrew Thorton.  He owns a bead store/gallery up there in the cold north and loves to encourage people.  One of the ways Andrew does so is with his challenges.

Now I just love Andrew's challenges because we all start off with the same components and then the only limitation is our imagination.  Those are the yummy beads and findings above.  Now per the norm, I forgot to take a picture of the beads before so I borrowed this pic from Andrew's blog, The Writing and Art of Andrew Thorton.  Of course,we did receive a couple mystery items.

Now my imagination went almost directly to a bracelet.  Nope.  Not over that kick.  Especially as I have started to wear one a lot.  This style is comfortable, I pretty much put it on and then forget that I am wearing it.  Most of the beads I used in this came from the goodies I got from Andrew.   The orange polymer focal bead I used was the first of those mysteries.  I added on the brass ring and clasp as well as the two wooden beads that seems to be custom made for this mix.

Next up was the second part of the mystery items, this wonderful leaf focal.  I really wanted to highlight that focal so I went simple with copper, leather and a lampwork bead from Sue Beads.  This was the first time I have tried to hammer copper with a glass bead attached so it did involve holding my breath.

Here is a close of up of the focal.  This is a perfect necklace to toss on when it is hot though the colors would easily carry it through the fall.  The length is also adjustable so it gives you a lot of options on necklines.

I haven't used all the beads yet and you will be the orange polymer making an appearance during another blog hop.  Now this is a blog hop and there were several designers that all started out with the same kit.  I am sure that you are as curious as I am to find out what their imaginations came up with so be sure to check out what everyone else has come up with,

Andrew Thornton, Alison Herrington, Laurel Ross, Kim Griggs, Deb Floros http://andrew-thornton.blogspot.com/


  1. Love the bracelet Shai. Adjustable necklaces are great like you said you can adjust the length which makes it so much more wearable.

  2. The bracelet is just gorgeous and highlights all the colors in the beads wonderfully. I love the necklace, your minimalist style really brings the leaf pendant into focus and makes the piece so versatile.

  3. Love both designs! I'm not sure I could choose a favorite, each looks so versatile and perfect to throw on with just about anything. I love the necklace style and adjustable design

  4. Your pieces are both great! The bracelet is beautiful and those wooden beads could have been part of the kit they are so perfect. Copper is great with these colors. The simplicity of the necklace really highlights the leaf pendant and Sue's great bead!

  5. In love with the bracelet! Really pretty! You really drew out some cool color with your bead choices! Well done!

  6. I love what you did with the leaf pendant, the necklace looks super summer friendly.

  7. Love the bracelet! The wood beads were a great addition!

  8. I'm a big fan of these bracelets! They've got so much texture and easy-movement. Love 'em! Your necklace is super charming. It really puts the pendant as a focal. Nicely done! And thank you so much for participating!


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