Jul 11, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • As I wandering about the ZNet Shows blog hop, I noticed that in a lot of my comments I mentioned the fact that it looks comfortable to wear.  That might seem a strange comment but with my fibro, I tend to be picky about how things feel against my skin.  So a comment that something looks comfortable is pretty high praise.
  • This is 1,001st post and I am planning a contest.  Just not sure what the prize will be yet but I will have one up within the next couple weeks.   In fact, since you are reading this, you can help me decide.  Should I give away a book, some beads or a custom made bracelet?

  • Speaking of bracelets, here's one that I made up for myself.  And yes it is comfortable.  I have also found that this style doesn't interfere with my typing when I am at work like my beloved bangles do.
  • It is definitely a relief to finish going through my email.  I was only looking at it sporadically when I was off last week and I always feel as though I am missing something.
  • I really need to take the time to get some good pics.  I need to get items up in my ArtFire store especially as I am getting brave enough to send in pics for online mags. 
  • Why is it that people don't seem to understand that on a scale of one to five that a three is an average rating and getting a four in a review is a good thing?
  • Had problems walking across the floor again and I ended up breaking my middle toe.  It has turned all kinds of pretty colors.   Looks like I am going to be off my feet for a while.  Oh well, gives me more of an excuse to design some more jewelry.
  • I have the best friends in the world.  Heather of Humblebeads Blog is holding a blog hop next Wednesday that sounded like loads of fun but I wasn't able to afford to get the beads to join in this time around.  Well I got a surprise package in the mail from Rita of Jewel School Friends with the beads for the hop.  What a great surprise!  I have been running around with a smile on my face all day.


  1. I'm always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to beady bloghops. Always seem to miss them. But yeah.. broken toes? OUCH girl! You need to flatten those floors out.
    xx Ren @ renlish.com

  2. Congrats on your 1001st post!! Of the three choices for a giveaway, my vote is for a custom made bracelet! And good friends rock, especially the beady kind!! Gina H

  3. What a gorgeous bracelet!!

    Sorry about your toe -- ouch! On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate it today? ;) Oh-oh! Just kidding!! Bwhahaha... You know I agree, 4 IS above average & it's a good thing! So, it just brings out the Ms. Smarty Pants in me! Not nice to do things like flip on my friends...

    Glad you like the beads... except, your bag of glass is on my design table with the little tag & everything. How'd it not go for the ride? Boo-hoo. Sorry about that! But glad you have some extra stuff to do while "putting your feet up" -- healing light your way!


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