Aug 15, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • This week started out with a bang with a message for me online from a very nice lady who was interested in purchasing one of my bracelets.  What amazes me is that she found this bracelet in another Facebook group that I post too instead of my business page.  

  • We were blessed with thunder and lightening on Monday night.  I just love watching lightening but I am not blessed with the skill of taking pics of it. You will just have to take my word for the fact that it was beautiful with a warm summer rain.
  • It utterly baffles me why someone would enter a contest and then never reply to the email letting you know that your name was drawn.  My first winner never got back to me even though I did give her more then the 48 hours posted in the rules.
  • I think that fate had a hand in the drawing however because the second name drawn was actually one of my past partners in the Bead Soup Cafe.  Maria choose a bracelet done up in blacks & greys.  I think that I have the perfect focal in mind.
  • Our potluck theme this month is ethnic which means each person will be bringing a dish that their ancestors would have enjoyed.  Both my mine and my husband are Celts and a lot of their foods were either bland or not something I would eat.  Why couldn't one of us been Brazilian or perhaps from Jamaica?
  • Looking back at my posts around this time last year, I had hoards of book reviews.  Much lighter on those this time around and it's not like I am not reading.  Well maybe I'm not.  I am listening to a lot of audio books but not as much time to sit down and actually read.
  • I want to install an early warning system in my back.  Apparently I did something to it on Sunday but I don't find out until Monday when I go to move.  So yeah, an early warning beeper would be divine.
  • I was honored by having my bracelet that I made for the Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge be picked for the Perfect Pairings.
  • I don't have any new jewelry to show off this week as I have been working on designs for challenges.  I am sure that I will have some to show off next week though.


  1. Congrats!!! Always such a thrill when someone wants to pay for something you make :)

  2. What a delightful post, Shai! Your next lucky week has just begun! :-)
    You are a winner!


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