Aug 22, 2014

Random Ramblings

  • Why is it that all my best ideas for designs occur at night when my body won't cooperate with me rushing down to my studio to put them into play?

  • One of my favorite places to pick up pendants and beads changed their name and location.  As part of the grand opening of the new store, Metapolies, Sheryl had a contest for some bead sets and I found out that I won one of them.  Aren't those pumpkins just perfect?  I already have a design in mind to use them for a blog hop in October.
  • Why is it I feel so much lighter and younger when I cut and color my hair?
  • We got in a new foster on Monday.  Not really sure what happened to this little guy but he is scared of everything. We have started calling him Spooky.
  • Love the new Mango Iced Tea from Taco Bell!  It's good stuff especially if you pick it up during their Happy Hour.


  1. Oh, I bet you are going to have some great fun with those beads! Love the pumpkins... and great colors too!!

  2. Those pumpkins of Sharyl's are just too fun!! "Spooky" looks adorable - hope he finds a great home w/some very understanding and caring peeps!! And about the ideas popping into your head at night - I hear ya. Happens all the time,......LOL!!

  3. Thank you, Shai, for showing off your winnings! I do hope you enjoy them. Hope to see what you create!

    I do have one more pair of pumpkins. I should list those and try to make more! You know me though, each pair will be a bit different! :-)

    I love reading your "ramblings!"


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