Sep 3, 2014

Keeping track of myself

One gene that I really wish my mother had passed on was her bent for organization.  I look at my kitchen and throw my hands up in despair.  I have managed to get and keep my studio organized for the most part but that is it.  I have finally given up and accepted the fact that I will never be one of those people who have a place for everything.  I might have succeeded but then I got married.

I used to be really good at keep all the non-physical balls in the air however.  I am finding that ability is diminishing as I am getting older though I am not sure it is because of some of the meds I take or just approaching senility.  I have picked all those cute little to-do lists that are supposed to help but they have been filed somewhere in the chaos of my home.  So what's a person to do?

I decided to go electronic.  Yeah I have always been kinda geek so I am not sure what took me so long but it did.  I have grown to depend on a couple apps on my cell phone.  Not sure what I would do without them.  Oh yeah I know.  Forget to get something done.

Fantastical Calender is great for keeping all my appointments straight and I also use it for its reminders.  I can speak the reminder into my phone and it will pop on the day that I need to do something.  I use it for everything from reminding me to get dog food to ordering new meds.

Another one I have found handy is the free version of Extreme Lists.  It is great for shopping lists, blog topics, household wants and projects that I want to do.  Well really anything that is a list.  And I can't file it away somewhere and lose it.

One funny thing though is that I find that I still need a paper calenders for work and to keep track of what blog topic I have going up what day.  For those things, I need to see the whole month at a time and that is asking a lot for a little 4" screen.

So how about you?  Are you naturally organized?  Do you make lists and are able to find them afterwards?  Have you grown to love the electronic reminders?  Any apps that you would recommend?

Oh and I didn't get paid for this review or even get a free app.  I have just found that this apps help keep me on track and wanted to share my opinion of them.


  1. I tend to be pretty organized, though more so at work than at home (someone is paying me for it, after all.) I love the task list in Outlook for work. But I do also keep numerous scrap papers with little notes all over my desk. I lose those once in a while, but not often. I think it's a mix of things that works.

    1. Oh I love Outlook for work! I would be so lost otherwise because I can jot things down on a post it and then forget to look at it. Or even where I stuck it.

  2. Oh, this is funny, because I forget things all the time, so I have to keep lists and little reminders. I forget to charge my phone at night quite often, so the reminders on my phone are not the best for me! LOL! But with my desk, office, etc. I'm pretty organized - I put things away so well that I forget where they are. :-)

    1. I am really good at keeping my phone charged because that's how I listen to my audio books. I have a set up in the bedroom and in my office to charge my phone.


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