Oct 31, 2014


First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween or a Blessed Samhain (or both as the case may be).

  • When did it occur that I no longer have any evening wear?  Or more specifically, ones that fit.  I have some that are a few sizes too large but none that I can wear now.  And why didn't I think of it until the night before I need it?

  • I went out to a Haunted Evening Tea Party that was held in the local pagan shop that just happens to be haunted.  None of the ghosts made an appearance but it was a lot of fun.  I told myself to get pictures but the only one I took was off the sunset while I was waiting for the shop to open.
  • I can't believe that Samhain is almost here.  Where has this year gone?

  • In this household even my foster dogs have opinions.  My husband is laying on the couch and according to Pooka that isn't allowed.  He is standing there barking at him.


  1. Evening wear that fits is always a tricky thing to accomplish. I have a selection in my closet that I'm constantly weeding out and replenishing ( thrift shops are fabulous :)), and yet when I need something it's always a challenge to find things in the right season, that fit right and go with whatever else I'm wearing >.< I'm always waverig with my weight just enough that by the time I've given up on saving the skinny clothes and ditch them,by the next month I'm back to being able to wear them, IF I still had them lol Of course, lately it's the other end of the spectrum, where I got rid of my bigger sizes after shifting them around for years, and now I need them. I lose the most gorgeous outfits this way >.< lol
    Happy to hear you had a great night out at the tea party :) so wish we lived closer! As for Pooka, no doubt he thinks dad is in his spot... or that he should be up there with him :)

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