Dec 2, 2014

Time Flies

I can't believe that it is time to change the calender.  Yeah I know that I am a month early but I have already started my 2015-2017 pocket calendar.  This is where I put all my blog posts and ideas and well it is all so clean and fresh right now. 

I want to start filling it up yet I like the uncluttered look of right now.  But life (and this blog) can't stand still.  I tend to save the calenders of previous years as they are little snapshots into what I was doing.  Kinda like journaling without the work.

Truth be told, I actually started to blog to act as a journal for where I am been and what I was up to.  When I look back over the years, I can see how my interests and skills have changed.  There have been up and downs but overall, I have enjoyed the path,

I have tried journaling on my phone but I tend to feel guilty if I only have enter one line.  Perhaps I need one of those journals that only allows you to write one sentence.  It would be interesting to have to compress a busy day into one line.

Do you tend to journal?  Any paper or electronic ones that you would recommend?


  1. When my daughter was growing up I taped our movie tickets, cool receipts (like from the UFO museum), her orchestra programs, etc. in the family calendar in the kitchen.

    I wrote her every day when she was in college. I tucked in a piece of this ephemera, like our ticket to the Lion King, and a few photos with my note.

    She has kept every single letter.

    I call it reverse scrapbooking.


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