Jan 23, 2015


  • We had our potluck on Saturday and it really struck me how we are all getting older.  Since our last potluck, which was actually a couple months ago due to the holidays, one of my friends had broken both of her legs and another had a heart attack.  They were both feeling up to joining us though so I felt blessed.  These incidents do make me want to gather my friends closer to me. It's too bad that I am such an introvert that I really only get to see them about once a month.
  • I always tend to forget just how much more difficult brass wire is to work with them sterling or copper.  I am wirewrapping a some beads up with brass and my hands are just yelling at me.  Why can't my muse learn that I can only use brass in the summer?
  • I am being perfectly horrible this month on posting.  Can I blame it on my love of Iron Bull in the DragonAge game?  The only video game I tend to play is the DragonAge saga mainly due to the character interactions.
  • It amazes just how our skies can go from grey to blue depending on the day.  The picture above was taken at the same location as the one last week.


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