Feb 18, 2015

A Look Back.

One thing I have found as I get older is that time tends to run together.  I will start thinking about things in the past and realize that the event happened years in the past.  I couldn't really tell what I was up to say last February and then it occurred to me that I could just look back in my blog.

Want to look back with me?  Let's see...last February I posted 13 times.  I guess that I do tend to slow down in the winter though I was still going strong in the Year of Jewelry Project

For sale.

And it looks like that is when I started to play with patinas.  I haven't gone much further with them because I tend to be impatient.  When I sit down to play, I want everything to be ready to use.  I will get an idea that requires using patina, sit down and do it real quick and by the time it dries, I have forgotten the idea.  That beautiful starfish above is from Patina Queen.  Yep.  It was ready to use.

I looks like I was listening to an audio book by Lisa Gardner, Touch and Go.  This rather amused me as I said in my review that I wanted to listen to more book featuring the main character.    I just started listening to Love You More which is Tessa's story.  Not quite sure why it has taken me a year though.

Looks like I finished the month off with patina as part of a blog hop.  I was lucky enough to win that gorgeous medallion and I got to play with patina.  Yes you heard that right.  I actually sat down and played with the inks.  I really enjoyed it too and I do try to plan days to do nothing but that but I get down to my studio and those beads call my name.

It doesn't look like I have started with my weekly ramblings yet which will make it easier to see what else was going on during a month.  It just occurred to me that my ramblings is actually taking this blog back to its roots as I started it as a journal for myself.  Now it is so many things.  A place to share reviews on books I have had the opportunity to read, showing off my jewelry and just a way to connect to others.  But it should still be a journal.


  1. These are both beautiful necklaces. It's fun to look back. I am like you - impatient. It keeps me from trying more things. I want to work on that this year. I like your ramblings. It's cool to peek into someone's life and see what it's like that week. And it's a nice reminder for you!

  2. Hi Shai, I enjoy sharing other peoples lives via their blogs and yours is one I read regularly. Thanx for sharing. Both of your necklaces in this post are wonderful. The color you used in them is my favorite.


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