Feb 20, 2015


Checking out Word for my iPhone to see if it will help me keep up on my Ramblings posts. I downloaded the Blogger app but it doesn't give me the formatting options I like. Let's see how typing it up in Word and pasting it works. 
Finally got my tax return. For 2013. Amazing how slow the IRS can be when they want. It wasn't a lot and I had finally thrown up my hands and written it off. So it was a very pleasant surprise that let me catch up on some bills. 
It's just wrong when a massage and the a visit to the doctor for a physical wipes me out. 
If this Word works out, I will be able to start working on editing Saje’s book. I do object to having to pay a monthly fee to get access to the features I need when I have already paid for Office 2013. 
Saje has taking to baking in the evenings. I fall asleep to sweet aromas and wake up to goodies. If I don't watch it, I will gain weight.  
I have been chatting with my partner, Sue Kennedy, for the upcoming Swap N Hop. This is going to be so much fun because she is one of my favorite bead artists. 
Why is it that customers seem to think that screaming at me is going to encourage anyone to out of their way to help them?  I will do my best to help people that are pleasant, but get nasty and I am not apt to offer anything extra. 
And why do screamers all seem to hit on the same day?  


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