Apr 8, 2015

Book Review: First Do No Harm

 This first novel in the book series features A. Turk’s fictitious alter ego Attorney Benjamin Davis, a young New York transplant seeking to make a name for himself in the Nashville legal community. After miscalculating the huge risks involved in accepting ten medical malpractice cases at one time, Davis discovers that a hospital and several of its personnel, including doctors, had conspired to provide unnecessary tests and surgeries on innocent patients…for years. With small town physicians pushing all the ethical and legal boundaries, Davis decides he has no alternative but to protect an entire community and quickly finds himself caught up in a high-stakes courtroom drama. Davis could never have anticipated his decision to right a wrong could risk his legal career, marriage, financial security, and personal safety.

 * * * * * *

I will admit to being a bit leery when I started FIRST DO NO HARM because while I really do enjoy reading legal thrillers, they can be hit or miss.  There are some that are so slow that they work as well as sleeping pills and since this was the first book for this author...

I am very happy to say that this book kept me totally engrossed.  Yes there were slower section where there was a lot of talk about legal briefs but since I am fascinated by the internal workings of the legal system, I devoured those parts as readily as the rest. They were actually some of the best parts of the book as Mr. Turk brought them to life while he can use a bit more practice with his characters.  

I really felt that I got to know Benjamin Davis rather well as his partner and mentor while there were random scenes thrown in about his adversaries that I am left scratching my head over.  Did I really need to see one of his opponents checking out what shape her body is still in?

I will be keeping an eye out for the next book in this series because I want to see where Mr. Davis goes from here and I do recommend FIRST DO NO HARM to any who enjoy legal dramas.  So many considerations go into winning a legal battle then I ever imagined.


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