Apr 10, 2015


  • There are benefits to having a much younger roommate.  Not only does she maintain our computers and network but she managed to get my window fixed.  Apparently all it needed was some WD40.  There is some truth to the saying that stuff will fix anything.
  • You don't realize just how much you rely on a driver's side window until you don't have one.  No more stopping by McD's to get sweet tea.  No more just flashing my badge at the card reader.  I am sure that it is healthier to have to park and walk into every place but boy what a pain in the arse.  
  • I am closer to buying my house.  Last estimate is that I will be a home owner by the end of this month!  So excited.  
  • I have gotten spoiled.  I remember the days before computers and I survived.  I remember packing up and taking my laptop into work with me each day.  Lately however I have been feeling handicapped because the OneNote on my tablet and the OneNote on my phone wasn't syncing.  Finally spent a couple hours last night tracking down the issue and fixing it.  Just when did I become so dependent on technology?
  • Could I survive a month without the internet?  I think so as long as I was able to access my either my laptop or download a ton of books onto my tablet and phone.  The important thing to me has always been access to my books.  I could even stand a month without contact with another human even via technology (phone,computer or *gasp* in person) as long as I had my books and my critters. 


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