Jun 29, 2015

New Earrings Monday: Weeks 27 & 28

I missed posting during the last do around.  And it wasn't even that I didn't have any earrings made.  I just plum forgot. 

Since I have been working on a collection that will be going live at Jewelry Because on July 15th, I decided to share a couple pairs I have made for that site.  This is a wonderful online gallery where 25% of the purchase price is donated to charity.  So if you are looking for some jewelry be sure to check them out.  My designs aren't up yet but quite a few artists are ready to go with some beautiful pieces of jewelry.

This pair is part of a set which also includes a necklace.  Gorgeous faceted pearls and golden hematite are wirewrapped to some lovely brass shells.  Hand forged ear-wires complete the look.

For this next pair, I took a dab of  enameled beads by Beads By EarthTones and a pinch of some decorated grunge board and stirred it all together.  This look is highlighted by antiqued brass wire, rings and hand forged ear wires.

Now these New Earrings Monday is actually the brainchild of  SaraJo of SJ Designs and there are several different designers who join in on the fun.  So be sure to click on the link to see what everyone else has made in the last couple weeks.


  1. Two pretty pairs of earrings! That earthy second pair is my favorite. They would be a great everyday earring... nothing too crazy but still special. Thanks for playing along with me!

  2. I especially like the brass shell pair - delicate and special. I look forward to seeing your designs on the website, too.

  3. I think both pairs of earrings are very nice. I am not a big shell person but I love the first pair. They look like they could grace the ears of an Egyptian princess. Well done!
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