Jun 12, 2015


  • This week didn't start out the best. I had a potluck to attend with the ladies in my Red Hatters chapter and my car decided to act up at Safeway. It finally decided to start after forty five minutes but I didn't want to risk getting stranded. 
  • Instead I spent time in my studio and made a few necklaces for my new collection. I posted a pic of one on Facebook and it sold almost immediately. Yeah that was a bright spot. 
  • I tried to fix my car and found out it wasn't what I thought. I have some kind of random short somewhere where it won't start. Won't even engage the starter. And it is totally random. 
  • Got a notice from my homeowners insurance that they are canceling my policy because I have moss in my roof. I live in Washington.  Moss is everywhere. They want me to get a new roof. What irritates me is that I went with a more expensive policy simply because I couldn't afford a new roof. 
  • Looks like I need to go out and get a new car. I didn't want a car payment but I am not going to sink a lot of money in a thirteen year old car. 
  • I received a beautiful pair of earrings from my swap partner and some more earring beads from another. I am really enjoying Swap-Bot. 
  • I love how something good always happens just as I am about to throw up my hands and scream.  The Universe really does try to keep things balanced. 

  • I went out to get a new car since mine is getting so unreliable and found out that according to my credit report, I have two home loans.  It pulled my credit score down so I ended having to finance at a higher rate then expected.  I did get my new car though.  And it's a hybrid so I shouldn't have to put gas in but every six months as little as I drive.
  • I talked to another insurance company about getting a home owner's policy and I am going to climb on the roof to see about ridding myself of the moss before they come inspect it.


  1. I feel your pain about the car thing! $1700 on mine last month. Fingers crossed your new one is less problematic! And we have the moss issue too - currently trying to find a way of fixing it without either of us getting up there (three storeys to the ground at the back if we lose our footing...). Glad you are able to find the positives still! All the best for July - hope it is a big improvement!

    -Ang (angel1985 from SwapBot for the June Blog Hop)


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