Jul 10, 2015


  • It has been a busier week though I was lax on taking a lot of pics.
  • I did however take some pictures of the collection that will be live on Tuesday July 15th.
  • Managed to get the roof totally moss free...finally.
  • I was planning on going back up to finish this last week but couldn't make myself get off the ladder.  I don't mind the heights but climbing from the ladder to the roof terrifies me.  Guess I don't have as wide of shoulders as I thought.  
  • I managed to just relax on Wednesday and finish up three necklaces.  The one above will be uploaded in August but I do like to give my readers the first shot at it.  If interested, drop me a line and we will talk.  The focal is from The Classic Bead and the stones are Amazonite.
  • I have fallen in love with Amazonite.  It ranges in color from the bluer as above to a light green. 
  • Now that I am working from home again, I have been able to start editing my husband's book again. 
  • I am still annoyed about the Melting Pot fiasco and am planning on sending a letter to the newspaper about it.


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