Jul 24, 2015


  • I really need to work on my impulse control.  When I do up a blog post, I always try to give a link to the shops if I have any artisan goods in my jewelry so that others can patronize their stores.  Well sometimes when I hit their stores to get the link, I find goodies that I can't resist such as that mermaid above.  *sigh*  Seriously who could resist?  Oh and it is from Firefly Design Studio.
  • I can't believe that I have to waste my time and call Group Health.  I received a bill from them that shouldn't be because A. all lab work is covered in my plan and B. I have reached my deductible.  I just wish that I could bill them for my hours.
  • Well meeting my percentages at work just got more difficult.  Apparently too many of us where doing great on their current plan so they raised the numbers that we need to get to 'Achieve Expectations'.  At least I know based on past history that if enough of us stumble, they will lower those requirements.
  • Talk about a miserable weekend.  It was just too hot.  And I ended up with a nasty headache due to said heat.  
  • In my mind, climate change is a fact.  We are seeing it here and around the world.


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