Aug 22, 2015

Cultured Sea Glass Challenge

I have been working a lot with cultured sea glass beads lately and finding that I really enjoy it.  It has such a wonderful feel and comes in so many delightful colors.  So you can imagine my response when Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures offered up a challenge.

Now par for the course, I can't find the pic that I took off all the wonders in the kit but I can show off one of the designs that I made up.  It will all be going up for sale at Jewelry Because next month.

Lisa sent along a wonderful sea glass pendant that has a foot print that just needed to be made up into a necklace.  Isn't that just the cutest sea glass bead?

I added in some of the sea glass beads that were in the kit as some more sea glass and Tiaria crystals that were in my own stash.  I then knotted it all together with Irish Waxed Linen for a casual look that will go from a day on the water to a sea food dinner.


  1. I love this Necklace design so versatile and pretty.The foot print focal is adorable. Thank you for sharing.


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