Aug 13, 2015

Dreaming Tree Challenge

I adore Andrew Thornton's monthly challenges and I always try to join in.  It is so much fun to see how different everyone's designs turn out even though we start from the same place.

Andrew outdid himself with this kit.  I have always been partial to flourite and find myself being drawn more and more to the color purple.  I didn't even up using most of this kit however since I have been wiped out by the heat and well...just couldn't find the energy.

I did however find what I think is a fitting home for this 'Dreaming Tree'.  I ended up using the mystery focal, the couple Czech flowers and the waxed linen.  And a beautiful strand of Miracle beads.  If you aren't familiar with Miracle beads, they are lucite beads that have multiple layers of lacquer applied.  They seem to have an inner glow which you can really see in the  pics.

And here is the whole necklace which I finished off with a brass toggle clasp.  This necklace is incredibly lightweight.  So much so that it is like wearing nothing at all.

Now grab your cuppa tea and see what everyone else has made.

Michelle McCarthy - Playing with Clay
Andrew Thornton, Nancy Noyes-Ward, Laurel Ross, Cheryl Lee Tucker, Dawn Berkebile, and Melissa Wynne


  1. Lovely necklace! I so wanted that kit! Lucky you!

  2. I love seeing how everyone incorporates the Irish waxed linen into their designs. You certainly pulled together components that highlighted Andrew's focal. I love that you used the fuchsia to accentuate the subtle lavender and greens. Beautiful!

  3. The Czech flowers are a great accent with the tree of life. The wax linen colors pops out from the purple so nicely. Great necklace!!!

  4. I have never heard of Miracle Beads - what a cool effect! Love the green linen with the purple - it is a perfect match in my world of color!!!

  5. I agree the miracle beads are very fitting! Such a pretty necklace, and lightweight sounds great in the heat!

  6. What an enchanting piece! It literally glows with magic! I think you've done a great job coaxing color from the pendant and I love the pops of sea foam with the waxed linen. Nicely done, yo! Thanks for participating!


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