Aug 14, 2015


  • I totally spaced putting up a Ramblings last Friday.  I am so sorry.  This heat has just been wiping me out to where if I am not asleep, I don't have any energy to move.  Today seems to be the exception.  I am going to work on a couple blog posts and then off to my studio.  Have to use the energy while its around.

  • Went our to the Renn Fair last Saturday with a couple of ladies from my Red Hatter chapter.  Had a blast but par for the course, the only pics that made the cut were off animals with the one exception of that dryad.
  • I tend to enjoy technology and try to put it through its paces.  Then why can't I ever remember use my phone to take pictures when I am out?
  • Woke up to hear thunderclaps that were shaking the house.  Perfect example of 'rolling thunder'.  Too bad we didn't get any rain to go with it.
  • Woke up this morning to cooler, moist air.  We can so use this!


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