Aug 26, 2015

Review: The Banished of Muirwood

In a stand-alone series set in the world of Muirwood, eighteen-year-old Maia is the exiled princess of Comoros and heir to the throne. As a result of her father’s ceaseless need for authority, she was left disinherited and forced to live as a servant in her enemy’s home. When the king invites chaos into the land by expelling the magical order known as the Dochte Mandar, Maia finds herself on a perilous quest to save her people. To survive, she must use magic she has learned in secret—despite the fact that women are forbidden to control it. Hunted by enemies at every turn, Maia realizes that danger lurks within her, too. Her powers threaten to steal not only her consciousness but also her sense of right and wrong. Can she set herself free and save the realm she loves—even if that realm has forgotten her?

* * * * *

It's not often that a new fantasy series knocks my socks off and when it happens, boy am I glad that I get to tell the world.  THE BANISHED OF MUIRWOOD is set in a new world with just enough of the familiar to make it comfortable, just enough politics to keep one alert, just enough magic to make it fantastical and just enough danger to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

In the world of Comoros, Maia is an exception to the rule because she was taught to read, write and to think which is something that women just don't do.  Unfortunately, she has a weak willed father who has far too much power and determination to get his own way.  Now Maia has to try to save her people and undo the damage her sire has done.  She is a great character with a lot going for her.  She has an inner strength that carries her through circumstances that would destroy most people and a warm heart that really cares for the people and the world around her.  

And she isn't the only stand out character.  Mr. Wheeler has done a great job with all of the secondary characters though there are a few that I would like to learn still more about.  And don't get me started on the magic system.  It definitely has its own flavor that will have the reader coming back for me.  

As you can probably tell, I do recommend this series to my readers who enjoy epic fantasy.  I will be following this author myself as he has more books coming out as well as a graphic novel set in this world.  If you would like to keep an eye on his releases, here is his website Iduma:  The Worlds of Jeff Wheeler.


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