Aug 4, 2015

Review: Smoke on the Water

Abandoned beneath a black willow tree on the banks of a northern Wisconsin creek, Willow Black spent her entire childhood in foster care. Her entire life she's had terrifying visions, and it is these visions that eventually land her in a psychiatric facility. And so Willow takes her meds and believes she is getting better. Until she meets a fellow patient who doesn't think she is crazy at all. She thinks Willow is a witch.

Willow's psychiatrist, Dr. Sebastian Crane, works hard to resist his feeling that he and Willow are destined to be together while also working to convince her that strange occurrences aren't the result of witchcraft… until he is thrown into the middle of a storm of supernatural events that can't be explained any other way.

* * * * *

Willow had much tougher time growing up then her sisters as she was in and out of foster care since she was found as a baby.  She has always had visions when she looks into water and no one to teach her how to turn it off.  One of her visions involved a man with a knife trying to kill her, so when she ran across that man, she attacked him.  That vision ended her up in a mental institution for the criminally insane.  Another vision introduced Sebastian which helped her to keep going. 

I loved the characters which were realistic.  The dialogue was witty and the plot flowed along at a good pace.  I really enjoyed the fact that secondary characters from earlier books received their time in the sun in this one. 

I enjoyed this book with its added grit to the tale but the timeline did throw me off a bit.  The first two books in this series ran one after the other whereas this last book overlapped Heat of the Moment.  I don't mind either way but I do prefer that it be consistent.

Sisters of the Craft has been a fun series to read.  One that I would categorize as brain candy because even though it touches on some dark subjects, it seems just far enough from reality to feel lighter and makes for an enjoyable and quick read.  Overall, I am very happy that I was given the opportunity to review this series. 

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