Aug 11, 2015

Znet Shows Reveal

It occurs to me that I haven't been the chattiest here on my blog lately.  Our insane heat has really been sapping my energy so by the time I finish the day job, I am ready to die.  No energy left even for making jewelry.

It's a good thing then that I dived right into designing when I got my beauties from ZNetShows.  The focus this time around was cultured sea glass beads which have really come to mean summer to me.  Yet another reason that I love being part of the design team since ZnetShows has some of the best and more affordable cultured sea glass that I have found.

I was asked to choose five different products that I wanted to work with.  I went to town with the black roundelles and free form dangles, the pacific blue beads and rings, and a brass chain to highlight all the beautiful colors.

My favorite design also happens to be one of the simplest.  I love this earrings!  In fact, I wore them yesterday into the office.  They are relatively light and the sea glass dangles give them great movement.

Next up is a fun, casual charm bracelet.  One that is flirty but you don't have to worry about the sea water damaging it while you play in the waves.

And of course you need earrings to go with the bracelet.

My final design was actually the first I finished.  It was the one that flashed into my thoughts as I was struggling to choose just what beads I wanted to play with.  Those rings were just so much fun to design with and the brass rings are from that chain that I got.  I have been cannibalizing it to some interesting brass circles and rings.

This was a fun challenge and all of the ZNetShow designer rose to the occasion.  To see what everyone else did as well as some good tutorials and articles, be sure to check out the Creative Spark.


  1. I adore your use of the brass chain. That last necklace is a showstopper for sure! You definitely worked you magic with the sea glass beads. Beautiful!!

  2. Very nice! I have always loved he look of gold/brass and black....very classy!


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