Sep 25, 2015


  • Not sure why I torture myself with video games.  Occasionally I get in the mood to leave reality behind and play a video game.  Now the ones that I enjoy are the ones that let you develop a relationship with the characters so once I finish the game, I always feel as though I have severed that relationship.  

  • I have a new collection of jewelry that went live on Tuesday at Jewelry Because.  This collection centers around the melding of artisan focals with semi-precious gemstones.  The pics in this post are some of the pieces.  

  • Our weather is being absolutely wacky and it sent me into a fibro flare up that just didn't want to go away.  I finally feel alive again and ready to start living again.

  • I found a new feature in the app I use for taking pics.  It's supposed to be a stabilizer so I used it to take a bunch of pics for another collection I have to work on so they can go up online.  I found that using that feature sure turned out some blurry pics.

  • I was really lucky and managed to win a bunch of Czech beads.  I can't wait until it arrives but the pic above shows some of what will be in the box.  It's going to be like opening a treasure chest.


  1. The pieces pictured here from your new collection are really nice! I'm glad you're feeling better. Now when you get your lovely collection of Czech beads you can make more great stuff!

  2. Great designs. Lucky you for winning the Czech beads.


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