Oct 23, 2015

Artisan Component Marketplace September Design Challenge

I am a junkie for artisan beads. I just can't seem to resist them. So as you can imagine, I was beyond thrilled and flattered when I was asked to be the featured designer for Artisan Component Marketplace (ACM).

The kit I received was gorgeous and filled with loads of inspiration once I gave myself permission to make more then one piece. I wanted to feature each shop in its own necklace.

From the moment that I opened the treasure chest, I was fixated on the beautiful wooden focal from Dobzie Wood.  It had such a great texture and pattern to it. And there is such a feeling of age, nature and 'groundedness'.   I wanted to do this focal proud and decided to carry on that theme of nature with agate and wooden beads. 

Next up was the purple sari silk and beads from Okawa African  Beads. I just love these African ceramic beads because they are lighter then usual ceramics so I could go big and bold. And yes, I happened to have the other purple beads on hand. I told you I love this shop. In fact, I have a whole collection based around their beads at Shaiha Designs including this necklace. 

I wanted to also show how well Okawa Beads work as accents to other designers so the next couple necklaces were born.

The focals in both are from Asbury Ave which is another member of ACM. You can find all types of artisan finds there from art tiles to bronze to ceramic to painted wood beads. I challenge other designers to browse the shops there and not find a couple treasures that they need. 


  1. Wow, great showcase for the beads. Each necklace is wonderful!


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