Oct 12, 2015

Studio Tour

I was recently asked to do a little tour of my work space.  I was all for it but did throw in the disclaimer that my studio is always a mess.  I did clean it up some but there are always things out and about so that I can grab them easily.

One of the big buying points for me about this house was the fact that I would have studio space.  Previously I had a little section of the front room which just didn't work for me because I like be able to leave what I am working on out.  With my critters that just wasn't possible unless I had a room to shut them out of.  And it didn't hurt at all that the room I decided to use as my studio came complete with a Serenity mural.

As you can tell, this area is also where I keep my waxed linen and other knotting supplies.  The tray is full of little bits and pieces of semi-precious stones.  This is also the space where the shipments that come in end up until I get around to putting them away.

The oak cabinet is full of shipping supplies, tools, finished jewerly and wire.  The antique cookie boxes up top have vintage beads and other do dads in them. The red bins have findings as well as more semi-precious stones and beads.

This is my set up for photos and also for playing with my torch and metal work. I also keep all my patinas there though for those, I spread out a cookie sheet laid with waxed paper.  Off in the corner is my dress form that I just knew I needed for pics and never really used.   I keep even more shipping supplies stashed under the table.  I really need to get some artwork up on the wall there.

This is an outside view of my little cubby that I actually create in .  The drawers are full of metal findings and beads as well as strands of stone beads separated by color.  The crates are full of sea glass, and Czech glass.

This is the space where I actually create.  I can reach almost everything I need just by turning.  The most I need to do is slide my chair over to the oaken chest and red bins.

My studio is still a work in process but I do really like the layout. I do want to repaint it as the tangerine color isn't working all that well for me any longer and I would love to get some printer's cabinets for storage.  It would also be wonderful to have a sink down here with me so I don't need to run up to wash out my brushes.  And more light!  I am located in the basement so I am not able to take advantage of sunny days.  I have lamps to try to bring in more light but can always use more.

Now as much as I like my studio, it isn't really a place where I would bring clients if I was asked to do some custom pieces.  Right now, I will meet them at a coffee shop but that can be awkward if I am bringing a good selection of stones or meeting a few people at once.  That is where WeWork comes in.  They have a wonderful set up where you can book work spaces as well as conference rooms to meet clients in.

They have shared office space in several major cities including Seattle which is actually perfect for me.  You are able to set up a full time office or set up a plan where you can use work space as needed.  Just perfect for start up business or an artisan. 


  1. Great space. I love that mural! I always enjoy seeing other people's spaces.

  2. Thanx for sharing. I really enjoy seeing the creative spaces of other beaders. Your studio looks like a fine place to create.

  3. Oh, I think your space is very nice. I know what you means about it not being somewhere you want others to come for a visit though.
    Oh, and the Serenity mural!! Firefly is one of our favorite shows too! :)


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