Nov 6, 2015

Pine Ridge Treasures Gentle Hues Challenge

I really thought that I was going to miss this challenge.  I even let Lisa of Pine Ridge Treasures know.  I was very happy to discover that I had already made this pieces for this challenge on one of those days that my hands were cooperating. 

Now I am not going to say a lot today (I know...gasp...) as I am still having issues with my right hand.  Anyone have any idea why out of the blue, it would start feeling like I was trying to drive a stake through it?  I did want to get my designs up though. 

Be sure to check out what all the other designers came up with at Pine Ridge Treasures.


  1. Both of these necklaces are beautiful, Shaiha. I love both pendants; especially the green one. The colors in both pieces are so vibrant. Great.

  2. I love your pieces, hope your hand is feeling better!!


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