Nov 18, 2015


  • I know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming.  I am looking forward to it and have been trying to save up so I can take advantage of the sales.  So why oh why do all of my favorite artisans put up all these beautiful beads to tempt me?
  • My shoulder is really starting to act up.  I have been trying to stretch it out since I don't have the time to go to a physical therapist with my work hours.  I think the next step is surgery.  The good thing is that it isn't my right shoulder so if I need surgery, I can at least feed myself.
  • Found myself a new podcast that I have fallen in love with.  It's Edict Zero which is a science fiction audio drama series.  It's in the third season so I have quite a few episodes to catch up on.  In my mind this is a good thing as I hate to wait on the next episode of anything be it a book, a television series or a podcast.
  • I find it sad that we make a big deal out of holidays like Easter and MLK but Veteran's Day will slip by unnoticed.  Unless you work for a bank or the government, it's not a day that one expects to get off even.
  • I think that someone is telling me that I need to get back into shape.  I just won a bike through work.  Think I will be riding to the thrift stores this coming summer. 
  • I am so sad about the people that lost their lives in Paris.  I don't understand why people think that violence is the answer.  It just breeds more hate and pain.
  •  Getting some really nasty wind storms.  I am crossing my fingers that we don't lose power.  I could just imagine going to a hotel with my menagerie of dogs and cats.
  • I just spent 45 minutes working on fixing an order for service.  And it's not even one I will get paid for.  Why can't people just do the job right the first time.
  • Now is the time I should be filling up Shaiha Designs.  I have the jewelry ready to go but I can't seem to get the weather to cooperate.  If it is pretty enough for pics, I am at work and vice versa.


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