Nov 25, 2015


  • We had our Thanksgiving potluck on Saturday.  My job was to provide a turkey and I had a great coupon for Whole Foods for a turkey at $.99 per pound.  I went to grab one and discovered that it was a free range turkey that had never been frozen.  I wasn't sure if there would be a difference in taste but the flavor and the moistness of this turkey blew my socks off.  I think that I will only be getting free range turkeys in the future.
  • I understand why all the candidate put signs up all over the place but I really feel that there should be stiff fines levied against the candidates personally if there are any signs left out after the elections.  I could see giving them two weeks to clean up the mess but why should us taxpayers have to pay for the public services picking up their litter.  Isn't that why there is such a large fine against littering?

  • I was lucky enough to be chosen by Blueberry Cove Beads to receive one of their monthly kits.  Just look at all the goodies that came with the kit (there are a few more but duplicates of what you can see).  My next mission is to create some jewelry with it.  Be sure to keep an out for the pieces.  I just love those wooden snowflake buttons.
  • I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to Windows 10.  If I absolutely hate it, I can always go back down to 7.
  • I think that my router is going out since my internet down in the office is only 5mbps which is really slow considering I should getting 150 mbps.  I know that being down a floor from the router will slow it down but it's an older router.
  •  Black tea with coconut sure makes a cold day seem warmer.  And I am not a huge fan of coconut but I have been loving it today.  I get mine through American Tea Room.  
  • Just found out that my supervisor is changing departments so I am getting a new supervisor.  Not a bad thing since the sup I am going to is one that I have been friends with for years.  He started out in the Sales department, went over to the Verizon team with me and then decided that he wanted to move up the ladder.   He has been with the company as long as I have so I won't feel as though I am training a new sup.
  • I am a bit worried about my Jindo.  BeiJing thinks that it is part of her job to come to work with me on the days that I work in my home office.  She's got her bed that she snoozes in and I enjoy her company.  So why am I worried?  My office is downstairs in the basement and her hips are starting to bother her.  And I can't see myself trying to carry a sixty pound dog down my steep stairs without killing both of us.  I think that it is getting close to time for her to retire but how to convince her without breaking her heart.
  • It's only taken a year and a half but Pooka, my wild child, will finally take treats from my fingers.  I have NO idea what was done to him before we adopted him but he has serious trust issues.


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