Dec 16, 2015


  • One of the highlights of my year is the annual Red Hatters tea party.  It is always held during the Christmas season to give us all a chance to take a breath and visit.  I always really enjoy it even though purple is not my favorite color.

  • I still can wear and look good in a pair of high heels but I sure regret wearing them the next day.  One of my regrets for getting older.  I remember when heels were all I would wear.  Heck they still are all I would wear though I tend to wear them a lot less since I rarely leave the house.  One of the parts of my job that I really enjoy is being able to work barefoot and in yoga pants.


  1. And where is your hat? Tsk tsk tsk... if you are a Red Hatter... you need a red hat! :)

  2. Looks like a fun day. The house is beautiful.


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