Dec 9, 2015


  • Chloe came home.  I am not sure what happened to her but she was healthy and didn't look like she was starving while she was gone.  She has gone from a cat that would get destructive if we didn't let her out to one that is very happy to stay inside.  Pretty nice change while it lasts.
  • Very irritating.  My favorite pair of jeans decided to rip out.  I hate how they just get really comfortable and then they die.  I don't understand the fad of buying pre-ripped jeans.  That would just cause them to commit suicide earlier.
  • I have decided that a self-service dog washing place is the way to go.  I had to give Jing a bath which I always dread as she doesn't like them and weighs a lot.  Lifting her into a tub is the perfect recipe for a backache.  I took her to Shampooch in Tacoma.  I still had to lift her into the tub as she wasn't about to try the stairs but she actually enjoyed the bath.  It surprised me but she even liked the blowdryer.  Jing doesn't need a bath often but that is where I will take her especially since I didn't even have to clean up the mess.
  • We finally have that extra room cleaned up.  I am not sure if I want to rent it out again or use it as an extra bedroom.  I might pick up a daybed for it and look into fostering.  If so then we would like to get a GBT teen who has been kicked out for their sexuality.  
  • I have had sooooo many issues getting a package out for the holiday swap between migraines and waiting for deliveries.  I finally got it all ready and headed to the post office thinking that I would slip it into one of their priority boxes.  I had forgotten that the larger boxes need tape.  Arg...
  • It took forever and a day (or so it seemed) but I finally was able to get the funds in my health care account released so that I can pay for meds and whatever.  It's extremely frustrating considering that I put the money on the card to have to fight to get access to it.

  • I picked up a couple vintage brass tassels. Trying to decide just how I plan on using them.  Think that one will be on a gemstone beaded chain.  Any ideas on what stone I should use?


  1. I am really glad to hear that Chloe came home. I agree with you about pre-ripped jeans.


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