Jan 22, 2016

Art Bead Scene January Challenge

Landscape with Stars 
by Henri-Edmond Cross
Watercolor over graphite on paper
Date: ca. 1905–1908 
Image Credit: www.metmuseum.org 

One of my goals is to participate in all of the Art Bead Scene's Monthly Challenges.  I tried to do this last year but I missed a couple months so I plan on making 2016 the year that I succeed.  And if they keep picking such lovely and inspirational pieces of art, how can I fail.

What really struck me about this painting is the blue and yellow along with the stars.  I managed to cover all of my bases by combining a lovely blue ceramic focal from Grubbi with a gorgeous yellow polymer bird from Rosebud's Lampwork.   I don't usually work with yellow so I was ecstatic when this little bird arrived as a gift with a recent order.  The word joy sums up what I feel when I look at the painting.

I also added in a handmade beaded chain with sodalite rounds and brass wire along with some brass chain and a toggle clasp.  All in all, I am very happy with the necklace and pleased that I pushed by boundaries by both combining artists in my focal and using that dreaded color yellow.

For further info about this monthly challenge, just click here.


  1. This is a great necklace! You've managed to get the beautiful colors of the painting, the stars and the feeling. I love yellow, especially this tone you've used, I feel it is joyful color just as the bead says.

  2. Isn't it wonderful to be able to express ourselves with jewelry! Joy is the word for it! I adore the focal and sodalite is a great choice!

  3. The link from the ABS recap post doesn't seem to be working right. It took me to an error page and I'm glad I did a little detective work and found your home page. I enjoyed reading all your posts on the way to this one. That's definitely a happy necklace. Best wishes to you as you go through this time and to your friend too.


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