Jan 13, 2016


  • I am beginning to think that the watch word for 2016 should have been stress.  I used to love my job but with all the changes the company has done a lot more is expected of me and I don't earn near as much.  I am beginning to dread going to work.  The one thing that make it bearable is that I am able to work from home most of the time.  If it wasn't for that, I would be shopping for a new place of employment.
  • Oh and being able to have my furred office mates with me really does help to make the job more bearable.  When I get too tense, I can reach out and pet one of them.
  • I am participating in a Facebook group where we take and share one pic a day.  So far, I have been able to keep up though I was wondering as I feel that my life is rather boring at times.

  • One of my goals was to force myself to grow so I have signed up for the Year of Jewelry Project again on Facebook.  I am going to push myself to make it through a full year of posting  one design a week.  

  • I remember back when I was younger and the world seemed so much larger.  Say what you will but the internet has made it smaller.  I stumbled across a Russian ceramic bead artist Nadya at Laturis and just couldn't resist.  I admit that it gave me a thrill when I received the package from Moscow.   Her designs are so different from what I can find here in the States but thanks for the internet, I was able to adopt them.
  • One thing for sure is that I can't relax in my job anymore if I want to even keep up.  It used to be that I could kick back and still be in the top 30.  And make good money.  Still with the same company but their commissions have been cut back so drastically yet they are expecting so much more from us.  I would probably explore other options but having the ability to work from home is such a huge benefit.  Actually my fibro has made is so that being around people with all the associated noise is something that I can't handle anymore on a regular basis.  After a day in the office, I feel as though someone had been beating on me all day.  
  • Well our new possible schedules came out.  I am going to have to do a bid but I do have to say that out of 237 shifts NONE of them are what I am looking for.  All I ask is a 10 hour shift that does start too early in the morning and has saturdays off.  You wouldn't think that was too much to ask...arg!


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