Feb 3, 2016


  • I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers.  I love cats, as I am sure that everyone here knows, and I have joined in some swaps for cat postcards.  I like to use them as bookmarks.  Well I messed up and left one in a book that was going back to the library.  The other day I received a hand addressed envelope from a person that I didn't recognize in my city.  This kind person had found one of the cat postcards and returned it to me.  What a nice person!  I plan on making her up some earrings and sending them her way.
  • Wow!  Everything is better with chocolate.  I am going to be doing a review on some Swiss Chocolate and I just received a HUGE box of chocolate to sample.  There is so much that I am thinking about making up some Easter baskets and taking them down to a women's shelter. 
  • Well I started meds for my anxiety.  Since I tend to have strange reactions to some medications, my doctor put me on the smallest dose and boy am I glad that she did.  About 30 minutes after I took the first one, I felt my mind slowing down.  Had to have Saje drive me to the store since I didn't trust myself on the road.  Woah baby.  I don't know how people can function on a normal dose. 
  • Those chocolates are sooooo good!
  • I just love how corrupt the health insurance companies can be. I belong to an HMO which means that I pay my premium and go to their clinics. My physicals are supposed to be free under the new laws yet when I look at the explanation of benefits, my physical was free yet they are charging me $155 for the doctor's visit. Hello. How can I have a physical without visiting the doctor?  I get to call and yell at them for this. 
  • Okay I am being impressed by Honda.  I am the second owner of a Civic Hybrid yet I received a call this morning letting me know about a recall due to the air bags.  I need to get it in and have them replaced.  All at no charge to myself.
  • I am considering revamping my Store Envy store front and just carrying my artisan fashion jewelry with a lower price point on there and moving all of my art jewelry over to Just Because boutique.  What do you think?


  1. That's a great story about the postcard. Nice when people go out of their way (and nice of you to send earrings!) Those chocolates look yummy! I rarely have any side effects from medication, but I tried one once that made my mind so foggy. I found myself at a stoplight wondering if red meant go or stop. Needless to say, I got off that one. I hope you find one that works with no bad effects!


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