Mar 2, 2016


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  • I am so sorry that my Ramblings last week was so sparse.  It was my first week on my new schedule at work and well it snuck up on me.  I think that I am going to like this new schedule and I love my new supervisor so all looks good at that end of life.
  • I am going to have to get my routines down for the new schedule but it seems as though I have so much more time as I am not being crowded when I go out to do my shopping as everyone else is at work.

  • Oh and yes.  I am still keeping up with my Year of Jewelry Project.  I haven't exactly been following the theme as they are all for different gemstones and I am trying to stock back up Shaiha Designs with affordable handmade jewelry.  
  • I am not happy with the online boutique that I sell my artisan jewelry through because the owner decided to revamp the website in the middle of January and it still isn't back up.  Really annoyed that it was down during the Valentine's Day selling period.
  • It looks like the meds that my doctor gave me to help with the anxiety are working well.  I was worried that they would cause me to gain weight and that hasn't even happened.  Now if only I could find something to give me back my energy.  
  • I started getting some strange packages from my mother that held things like books which make sense since I love to read and pasta which was confusing.  I had talked to her over the holidays and she sounded fine but it was starting to worry me.  Finally talked to her and apparently she was doing some secret shops of the Post Office.  Still pasta?  
  • It is starting to look a lot like spring here.  Been some really nice days where I have been able to open up the house to air it out and let the dogs have the freedom of the backyard.  Might have to start mowing the lawn early though.


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