Mar 16, 2016


  • I am so sorry that I totally spaced out last week.  I have been battling the flu and haven't been having a lot of fun there.  All energy I have had has gone into working.
  • Since I haven't been doing a lot while trying to feel better, I have been watching OnDemand.  I have to admit that I love being able to watch some shows when I feel like it and I actually felt guilty that I don't do it more often since you could call it part of my job description.
  • One thing really stood out for me.  While I was watching X-files, all of the actors on the commercials were Caucasian but strangely enough, the same wasn't true while I was watching Rosewood where there is a black star.  Why do the advertisers feel the need to change based on the color of the actor?  That bothers me because we are all people and would have the pretty much the same needs when it comes to funeral care.
  • Kharma, my Pomeranian devil, isn't doing his best.  His eye is becoming increasingly red and his snout is swollen,  I have to call to get him a vet appointment and it might be time to tell him goodbye.  Just thinking about it is hard as he has been a part of our lives for almost 16 years.  He was such a fierce little dog when he was younger and grew into quite the sweet elderly gentleman.  Just the thought of losing him is enough to bring tears to my eyes.
  • Good news!  I have been stressing taking Kharma to the vet all weekend and he's fine.  He has a gum infection and just needed antibiotics.  
  • Egads.  I traded days with a guy at work so here I am working on a Tuesday.  I swear that my brain isn't with this trade.  Just doesn't want to come alert.. And thank goodness for spell checker.


  1. I'm so glad Kharma is better! I hope you are feeling better too.


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