Mar 30, 2016


  • One thing that I have noticed as I have gotten older is how my emotions have really mellowed out.  I used to be so dramatic and swung from being of the top of the world to being in the deepest despair.  Now I am on a much more even keel.  It has even gotten to where I dislike the things that are designed to pump me up such as sales rallies.  Now when I have to attend one, the main emotion I feel is annoyance because they tent to be so loud and well they hurt because of that noise.  I have had to give up a lot that I enjoy due to noise such as good music, concerts and festivals so why can't I give up the sales rallies?
  • There are some days where I just want to hide in bed such as Friday.  Within 15 minutes of waking up, I managed to break both a tea mug and my e-vaper.  What else could go wrong?  Well I am glad that I didn't follow my instincts and hide away for the day as it actually ended up being a really good day at work as far as sales go.  And I need as many of those as I can get so that I can keep on top of the many bills.
  • Found out that I will be able to get the iPhone SE with nothing out of pocket even though I want the 64GB version.  And my cell phone bill will even drop a bit.  Can't beat that deal.
  • I really love the warmer weather but I hate having to deal with the lawn.  I am definitely not a good green witch.  I just wish that I could afford to have a lawn person but the one guy I talked too wanted $200 a month and I have a rather small yard.


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