Apr 13, 2016


  • I haven't been the best at posting my Ramblings lately.  It seems as though Chronic Fatigue has decided to join the party and once I get finished at work all I seem to want to do is drone in front my iPad and watch Charmed.  Totally brainless activity.
  • I do have a doctor's appointment scheduled to see if there is anything that I can do that will give me more energy.  I need to do something as it is seeming that my brain is shutting down.  I have had to sign out at work a few times as I just forget how to operate the systems.  This is rather scarey as I have been working in those systems for almost fifteen years.  I always thought that I should be able to do it in my sleep.
  • Somehow, I have been able to keep up with my Year of Jewelry Project.  I don't have any pic though as I already showed my last design for the blog hop.  Just click here to get to that post.
  • All of the dogs however have been loving Mom's downtime as they get to cuddle more.  Even the honorary PinHeads are always up for cuddles.
  • I do need to get busy on my next days off however as I need to get my taxes done.  Yeah I have been procrastinating.  I was planning on going in and getting them done but haven't been able to afford too.  Guess I need to do download a program and hope that it has all the deductions built in for buying a house and a car.
  • One thing that I have been doing is listening to podcasts.  I just discovered a new to me one called The Allusionist.  It is all about words from where they come from to how to design a crossword puzzle.  Rather interested.


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