Jun 13, 2016

Book Review: A Bitch Called Hope

A Bitch Called Hope is the poker term for drawing the queen-eight in Texas Hold ‘Em. There’s not enough luck in the world to build a winning hand with those cards, but it’s so tempting to try.

Meet Lennox Cooper. She’s a smart poker player, a smart detective, but she’s got issues. A year ago her affair with a married cop got her fired from the Portland Police. Now she’s trying to build a new life as a private investigator, but all she’d landed so far are surveillance gigs.

The murder of a wealthy developer gives her a chance to reestablish herself as a homicide detective. During the course of the investigation she meets Mr. Right. Only problem, he’s on the short list of suspects. Lennox bets on her lover’s innocence. The odds aren’t much better than drawing A Bitch Called Hope.

* * * * *

I might very well have found a new favorite character.  Lennox Cooper is a brash, no nonsense PI that still thinks like a cop.  But now she isn't bound by all those pesky rules.

Struggling to make ends meet by doing surveillance, Lennox has her big break dropped in her lap when an old family friend is murdered and his wife wants to know who did it.  Of course, the wife isn't being that cooperative.

I am not one that can picture all of the beautiful pictures that some authors draw with their words so I really appreciate it when an author is able to draw up the imagery with few words especially when it's not needed in the plot.  Ms. Gardner has that talent and it is one that is greatly appreciated.  There's just enough imagery that I can see the beautiful scenery of the Portland area with the mountains and the grittiness of bar where Lennox hangs out.  And if this isn't enough for you, just hit her website for some on the scene shots.

The plot itself had me engrossed.  There's a lot of action, questionable characters, good friends, interesting questions and choices,  and character development.  Not a dull minute for the reader though Lennox did run into unusual drudgery of a PI's job.

A BITCH CALLED HOPE was actually published back in 2013 but I am glad that I just discovered this series since the next book BETTING BLIND (I will be reviewing it next) just came out a couple months ago.   I do recommend this book for any of my readers who enjoy a kick ass heroine and some grit with their thrills.  

*** I received this book at no charge from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own.


  1. I have to admit that I didn't read your full review, but the title totally caught my attention! HA! It wouldn't be the first time. ;)


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