Jun 21, 2016

Recent Discoveries

I have gone from having no aural memory to someone addicted to podcasts. Oh and audio books but really I tend to listen to podcasts more. I had the intention of sharing the ones that I have found and really enjoyed on a regular basis but that kinda fell to the wayside during that stint in the office. Heck I have enough trouble keeping up with my ramblings posts sometimes. Regardless, I wanted to share some that I have been listening to lately. 

One that I have been devouring the last week is The Pulse. It is a weekly podcast that started back in 2015 and I am working my way through the older episodes first. The focus is medicine, innovations and technology. Each week they have several stories based around a theme. And the themes can range from the history of the original residential dimmer switch (they were first sold to women in perfume boxes and were to improve the marital relations) to issues around survival of a heart attack outside a hospital (if you are going to have one make sure you are in a casino). If a story really grabs you, they post more information about it on their website  There is also a Facebook page.

I have also found a great Netflix series called Grace and Frankie.  It's about two women whose husbands have left them for each other.  Grace and Frankie are very different people but they have managed to build a friendship since they are the only ones that understand just what they are going through.   I just finished season 1 and have really enjoyed it.  There is frank talk about issues that effect older women such as the need for lube.  Oh and I just love Frankie's jewelry.

Have you recently came across any podcasts or television shows that you are particularly enjoying?  Be sure to share them.


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