Jul 17, 2016

Book Review: The Care and Feeding ofYour Captive Earl

A Lady's Rules of Etiquette When Kidnapping a Gentleman:

1. A lady must obtain a small vial of laudanum and a sturdy length of rope.
2. Once subdued, the gentleman should be bound securely.
3. At no point should the lady leave a sharp implement within the gentleman’s reach.
4. Should rule #3 be neglected, the lady must prepare for things to go dreadfully wrong.
5. In such a case, a lady must keep her countenance and under no circumstances should she submit to his charms and surrender her heart…

Miss Gwendolyn Wilbraham is far more skilled at needlework than she is at kidnapping. But when her best friend begs her to distract the new Earl of Hastings, she reluctantly agrees. Regrettably, the earl is just as clever as he is handsome and before long, he is free of his restraints and not at all pleased…

As one of London’s most notorious rogues, Matthias Hart often finds himself in curious situations. Though he has never woken up drugged, bound, and hidden away in a remote Scottish cottage. Normally, he would welcome such a diversion, but his beautiful captor is young, witty and all-too-innocent. When he finally frees himself, all he wants is revenge and her complete surrender…

* * * * *

When I read the blurb that was provided for this book, I was under the assumption that it would be a romantic comedy set back in historical England.  What I actually found was a delightful combination of  flowery language of the Victorian period and erotica.  And boy was it erotic.  I wouldn't suggest not passing this book onto the younger generation.  

I enjoyed the characters of both Gwendolyn and Matthias.  They both shared the fact that their childhoods hadn't left them with any warm feelings towards marriage.  While Gwen knows that she has to marry to have children, it is something that she plans on putting off for several years.  Mattias is in the same boat.  He loves the company of women but only if there are no emotions involved.  

I did really enjoy the first half of the book but once the crisis point had arrived, the story really fell off.  Large gaps of time would pass with hardly any mention.  No mention was made of what was being done to repair Gwen and Matthias's marriage.  And then the book ended with a rather unsatisfying conclusion.  

This really isn't a historical romance that I can recommend to my readers.  It does have promise and I will keep my eye out for this author's future releases but I would pass this one by. 

*** I received this book at no charge from the author  in exchange for a fair and honest review.  All opinions expressed within are my own. 



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