Jul 17, 2016


Yes I am still alive enough though it has been awhile since I have posted a general ramblings post. So I guess I have some catching up to do. 


  • I took a week off over my birthday and just generally relaxed. We couldn't really take off anywhere due to Karma so I did my best to recharge. Probably best that I did since I spent most of it sick with random vertigo and nausea. 
  • I did get to play in my studio and make up some jewelry for some upcoming blog hops.  I can't wait to show you what I made!  Some of this pics are from the mixes I got to play with. 
  • Got to make a trip to Urgent Care and managed to freak myself out. What was wrong?  Still don't know. 
  • I picked up some findings from a shop on Etsy based in Thailand. Good prices but I didn't get my whole order. Tried to contact them through Etsy with no reply. Had to put in a PayPal dispute though I hate doing that. 
  • Had our potluck this last weekend. Had a BBQ and it was Sooo good. Next month the theme is Mediterranean. Looking forward to that. 
  • I have on a real True Crime kick lately. Found some new podcasts and weeding through the ones that I like. 
  • Also been watching The Vikings. Yeah I am coming to the bandwagon late. I prefer to be able to binge wath


  1. Good to see your ramblings back, but I'm sorry you've been sick. I look forward to seeing what you've made with your kits!


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