Jul 27, 2016


  • It really sucks when your body chemistry changes enough that a copper bracelet that I have worn nonstop for the last couple years is now leaving green marks on my skin.  Sure hope it changes back.
  • Why is it that romance authors like to point out that the hero's penis is so thick that the heroine can't close her hand about it?  Either she has very small hands or he is so large that I wouldn't let him near with a 20' pole.  

  • I picked up some gorgeous glass pearls the other day!  I don't know what it is about glass pearls but I love to work with them over any other glass bead.  And those colors are to die for. 

  • I ended up making myself a pearl necklace with a gorgeous sterling clasp for my Red Hatter meetings.   As I said, this one is for myself but I would be happy to make up others for folks.  The price will vary between $50 to $80 depending on the clasp.  Just let me know.  It's a great deal for a hand knotted pearl necklace with top quality glass pearls.
  • My supervisor managed to give me a heart attack today.  He had an emergency meeting today and since I work from home, I had to wait for him to call me back. I had all kinds of doom and gloom scenarios running through my mind.  Come to find out that he has just been tapped to provide temporary coverage to another team.  That I can handle.  I just don't want to loose him since my stats and rankings have so improved since I started working with him.
  • I am still working on getting items uploaded into my new store at Alechemee Designs.  I so much prefer creating them uploading them to a website.  My downfall is trying to put the words together in a description.  I am so not a writer.


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