Aug 14, 2016

Mystery Challenge

As everyone knows, I love to participate in Andrew Thornton's of Allegory Gallery challenges.  In the normal turn of things, I have a good idea of just what the kit contains but this time it was a complete surprise.  This made for a real challenge as I tend to avoid yellow.  And I had a couple ideas as soon as I saw the goodies.

As luck would have it, I only managed to get one design finished as somehow I had this kit marked down as going up a week later then it was actually due.  I really hate it when I lose a week but I am glad that I did manage to have this one necklace completed.  I really liked this combo of blue and yellow.

As much yellow as I am have been working with lately, I might have to change my stance on this color.  It really does brighten everything up.  Might be a while before I decide to paint my kitchen that color though.


  1. I tried using yellow on a necklace that I made this weekend, but I hated it and took the necklace apart. I am having trouble making necklaces in general right now! Yours looks great.

  2. You've done a great job with the yellow! Great necklace, and I love the chain you used.

  3. Very nice! I'm not a fan of yellow, either; but I like this combination.


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